Please go through our step-by-step instructions to migrate the Smart Attachments app's data to Jira Cloud. Please address your questions or issues to our support .

Checking pre-requisites

Before proceeding to migration of the Smart Attachments app from Jira Server/Data Center to Jira Cloud, please check Pre-Migration Assessment Checklist.

  1. Update the Smart Attachments for Jira Cloud app to the latest version.
  2. Update the Jira Cloud Migration Assistant to the latest version.
  3. Update the Smart Attachments for Jira Server/Data Center to version 2.12.0 or newer.

Assessing the app for Cloud migration

  1. Navigate to Jira administration console.
  2. On the navigation sidebar, select Migrate to cloud.
  3. On the opened page, click Assess and Install Apps.

  4. On the Assess your apps page, select Needed in cloud for the Smart Attachments app. Choose the status for the rest of the apps if you plan to migrate multiple apps.
  5. Click Continue.
  6. Click Choose cloud site.
  7. Enter the site to migrate from and select the cloud site which data will be migrated to.
  8. Check the Allow Atlassian to access migrations data box.
  9. When complete, click Confirm.
  10. Return to the Migration Assistant section.
  11. Click Manage Your Migration.
  12. Click Create new migration.
  13. Click Connect to cloud.
  14. Give the name to the migration.
  15. Click Choose cloud site.
  16. Enter the site to migrate from and select the cloud site which data will be migrated to.
  17. Check the Allow Atlassian to access migrations data box.
  18. Click Confirm.
  19. Click Choose what to migrate.
  20. On the Choose your migration options page, select the projects you want to migrate.
  21. Select the appropriate option to migrate users and groups.
  22. Select the Smart Attachments app to migrate.
  23. Click Check for errors.
  24. Click Review migration.
  25. Click Run.
  26. The migration starts. Click View details to monitor the progress.
  27. Upon completion, you will see the screen similar to the one.


Do we need to perform re-indexation after migration?

You don't need to perform the re-index on Cloud. It starts automatically upon the end of migration

Is there a way to define labels at the project level?

Labels are global. Please, follow the information in our documentation to learn how to start with an app and how to administer labels on Cloud.

After migration, I have some issues with attachments where the Smart Attachments section displays "No attachments in the issue found"

This behavior can be caused by the fact that this particular Jira issue has access restrictions configured the attachment section. If Jira Field Configuration for some issue types in the migrated project has the attachment field set to hidden, then attachments still display on the issue view screen. However, hidden fields are not returned through the Jira API's. As soon as you change the field configuration to show the attachment field, the API call will return the expected result (with attachment data) and the Smart Attachments section within the impacted issues will correctly display the list of attachments.

After migration, some of my labels are missing

Please, check for the scheme configuration in your Jira Server/Data Center in the projects where you have this issue. Our app doesn't migrate labels from the default Uncategorized category even if it has been renamed in your project. You can find more details in the migration documentation.