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Favorite Pages for Confluence

Favorite Pages for Confluence is a handy app that allows you to quickly access your top-visited pages without a necessity to browse through spaces or multiple page levels. This tool automatically tracks your page visits over the specific time period and generates a single Top 10 list of pages you have visited.

You can quickly open these pages right from the Confluence menu bar and instantly transition to the right page without tedious browsing through labyrinths of your Confluence spaces.

Take advantage of the following benefits:

  • use the automatic tracking of Confluence pages you visit mostly
  • quickly open your favorite pages from any Confluence page or section
  • assign hotkeys to access your favorite Confluence pages on the fly
  • view the list of pages saved for later in any place of Confluence
  • proceed to viewing or editing pages saved for later when needed
  • configure the settings of the page tracking mechanism to your actual needs
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