New in this release

  • Prioritizing discussions.
  • Tracking discussions in a space with Talk Report.

Prioritizing discussions

Now you can set a priority of a Talk discussion.

You can use it:

  • to let your team mates know how fast to respond and take action
  • prioritize tasks discussed in different threads
  • prioritize your personal to-dos captured in Talk discussions

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Tracking discussions in a space with Talk Report

With a new Talk Report, you can manage the resolution of Talk inline comments in a space. It is handy when you have many discussions spread over multiple pages. This report will give you an overview of all Talk activity:

  • in a space
  • on a subset of pages
  • on a specific page

Talk Report includes the following information:

  • Name of a page where an inline comment was created
  • Link to an inline comment
  • Initial comment
  • Priority of an inline comment
  • Status (open, resolved, archived)
  • Discussion author
  • Users mentioned in a discussion
  • Date when a talk was started
  • Date of talk resolution

Resolved talks are stored only starting from the version 3.5.0. The report does not include talks that were resolved prior to updating to v.3.5.0.

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