This page provides you with the information about public releases of InPlace Editor for Confluence. Here you can learn what new features were added and what issues were resolved.

InPlace Editor 3.0.31

This version of the app is compatible with Confluence 8.3.0

InPlace Editor 3.0.30

This version of the app is compatible with Confluence 8.

InPlace Editor 3.0.29

Fixed an issue that emerged when opening the editor

InPlace Editor 3.0.28

Fixed an issue that emerged when opening the editor

InPlace Editor 3.0.27

Minor improvements

InPlace Editor 3.0.26

Minor improvements for Server and Confluence Data Center compatibility

InPlace Editor 3.0.24

Preliminary version for Confluence Data Center preparation

InPlace Editor 3.0.23

Resolved the issue with previewing the Page Properties Report macro

InPlace Editor 3.0.22

Resolved the issue with saving the app configuration

InPlace Editor 3.0.21

Reliability improvements for content editing and viewing

InPlace Editor 3.0.20

Compatibility with Confluence 7

InPlace Editor 3.0.19

Addressed the minor issue with the page drafts causing errors in the log file

InPlace Editor 3.0.18

Resolved the issue with the incorrect positioning of the Cancel button

InPlace Editor 3.0.17

Compatibility with TodoMe app

InPlace Editor 3.0.16

Compatibility with Confluence 6.10

InPlace Editor 3.0.15

Compatibility with Brikit Theme Press app

InPlace Editor 3.0.14

Compatibility with ConfiForms app

InPlace Editor 3.0.13

Bugfix release.

InPlace Editor 3.0.12

Compatibility with Confluence 6.8

InPlace Editor 3.0.11

Stability and compatibility fixes.

InPlace Editor 3.0.10

New feature: An option to choose when the editor opens – after clicking only the pencil icon or the whole heading

InPlace Editor 3.0.9

Bug fixed: Changes are applied to all identical sections on the page.

InPlace Editor 3.0.8

Bug fixed: Impossible to save global InPlace Editor settings if Confluence instance has more than 2000 spaces

InPlace Editor 3.0.7

Compatibility with Confluence 6.0

InPlace Editor 3.0.6

Stability and reliability improvements

InPlace Editor 3.0.5

Decreased the click area for headings. Optimized the add-on for multi-level headings.

InPlace Editor 3.0.4

Minor compatibility fixes

InPlace Editor 3.0.3

Compatibility with Task Report macro has been improved

InPlace Editor 3.0.2

Bug fixed: "You are not logged in" when two users have edited the same section.

InPlace Editor 2.10.3

Bug fixed: compatibility with an Engineering Essentials add-on.

InPlace Editor 3.0.1

Compatibility with Confluence 5.9

InPlace Editor 3.0.0

Support for editing content inside macros and Confluence layout

InPlace Editor 2.11.2

Setup of the space specific configuration and individual heading levels

InPlace Editor 2.10.2

Setup of the space specific configuration and individual heading levels

InPlace Editor 2.11.1

Compatibility with Confluence 5.8 has been improved

InPlace Editor 2.11.0

Compatibility with Confluence 5.8

InPlace Editor 2.10.1

Improved compatibility with Confluence 5.7

InPlace Editor 2.10.0

Compatibility with Confluence 5.7

InPlace Editor 2.9.3

Compatibility with Refined Wiki

InPlace Editor 2.9.2

Compatibility with Task Report macro

InPlace Editor 2.9.1

Atlassian Marketplace licensing is introduced.

InPlace Editor 2.9.0

Improved compatibility with Confluence 5.5

InPlace Editor 2.8.3

Some compatibility issues with SQL Plugin and PDF preview were fixed

InPlace Editor 2.4.3

Some bugfixes were backported

InPlace Editor 2.6.1

Backporting of several changes for Confluence 5.2 compatible version

InPlace Editor 2.8.2

Compatibility with IE8-9 on Confluence 5.4 was improved

InPlace Editor 2.8.1

"Send Feedback" button could appear in a standard comment editor in some cases

InPlace Editor 2.8.0

Adds compatibility with Confluence 5.4 and resolves issue with blog posts.

InPlace Editor 2.5.1

Critical bug-fix and compatibility with Confluence 5.1.

InPlace Editor 2.6.0

This version brings compatibility with Confluence 5.2.

InPlace Editor 2.7.1

Added compatibility with Confluence 5.3

InPlace Editor 2.7.2

Bug which can lead to loss of a section text while editing was fixed.

InPlace Editor 2.7.3

 Add-on gets the tutorial highlighting key features and the Feedback button.

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