Course administrators can add their courses to the Learning portal (a global catalog) in a Confluence header for participants to self-enroll to courses

Use Cases

  • Create a catalog of courses for participants to browse and self-enroll to what's relevant at the moment
  • Empower the learning culture and support the self-directed education in your company by providing plenty of optional training courses
  • Facilitate the new employee onboarding by sharing a selection of open courses designed to help through the transition
  • Use as an alternative to the traditional enrollment. It's convenient when you have too many people who need to take a course and you want to avoid manually entering all their emails or user names (if they are not arranged in Confluence groups).

Enable self-enrollment

  1. While on a course administration page, go to Settings > Enrollment > Self-enrollment
  2. Select All Confluence users

  3. The course card will appear in Learning > Participant Dashboard > Discover

  4. Once a participant self-enrolls to a course, its card disappears from Discover.

  5. Participants can find courses they self-enrolled to in My courses.

    Only logged-in Confluence users can self-enroll to courses. If you need self-enrollment for external participants, let us know.

Get a course link for self-enrollment

Instead of guiding participants to Learning > Discover to self-enroll, you can share a course link via Slack/email or on a Confluence page/ in a Jira issue. To do that, you will need to use the following workaround.

  1. Enable course self-enrollment (select All Confluence users in Settings > Self-enrollment > Show in Discover to on a course administration page).
  2. Go to Learning > Participant Dashboard > Discover
  3. Click the course card.
  4. Copy the URL from the browser address bar.
  5. Share this link with the participants.
  6. When a participant follows this link, they will get to a course start page. After clicking Start course, each participant will be taken to their individual course session.