Courses and quizzes live in Confluence space. The app is flexible and allows you to create new courses and quizzes where you need them – e.g. in the space of your team or a space dedicated to learning. When you think about learning content location, choose a way that is easier and more convenient for you as a creator. Participants won't have access to courses and quizzes in spaces. They will be taking them in a special place. 

Here are some ideas to keep in mind when it comes to organizing the learning content.

Basic concepts

  • Courses and quizzes don't have a special place in a space. You can create them under any page the same way you create any other page in Confluence. If you are creating under restricted pages, read this first.
  • When you create a new module in a course or a question in a quiz, they appear as a child page of your course/quiz administration page.
  • You can reuse existing pages and quizzes in courses, as well as existing questions in quizzes. When you do that, there's no need to move pages around. Pages, quizzes and questions can stay where they are.
  • Find the right place for courses and quizzes in your space. You can keep them all under one parent page if it works best for you. Or have them distributed across the space. 
  • You can find your courses and quizzes using Confluence search or Content by label macro. Learn more
  • If you decide to make a dedicated space for learning, read this first.