If you need to create a question with an image, video, formatted text, presentation or other assets, you need to first create a plain text question in Create question dialog (see Intro to Quiz Management) and then edit it.

  1. Open a question, in which you want to add an image or another asset and click Edit.
  2. Edit your question by adding media, formatting text, etc.

    • On the top of the page above a set of macros you can see a hint prompting you to add question description. Description can be some text, image, video or anything else that you would like to include in the question. It is optional. If you leave it blank, this section will not be displayed in the question.
    • If you want to add images, formatted text or something else in answer options, insert these assets inside Question Answer Option macros.
  3. When your question is done, Publish the page. You will see your question the way it will be displayed to the participants of your quiz. The only difference is that the correct answers are marked on the question page, while they will obviously not be marked in a quiz.

If you share a quiz and then edit its question(s), both future and enrolled participants will see the latest version of questions.