izi - LMS for Confluence allows you to create quizzes, assessments and tests in Confluence and enroll anyone by email. 

You can use quizzes to:

  • Assess knowledge, competences and skills of your job applicants and new hires
  • Create tests for employee training, compliance, certification
  • Build tests on your products for customers and partners

Create a new quiz

Create quizzes on the Learning portal

  1. Click Create quiz

  2. Give your quiz a name.
  3. If needed, you can change the location and choose another space and parent page for your course administration page. 

  4. Click Create

When done, you’ll see an empty quiz page. The next step is to create questions or add existing questions from other quizzes.

Create quizzes from template 

To create a quiz (test) outside a course:

  1. You can create a quiz from anywhere in Confluence – just click  and select the Quiz template.
  2. The Create a quiz dialog opens. Type Quiz name.
  3. Click Create. You’ll see an empty course administration page. 

Quiz and question pages are created with viewing restrictions. By default, they can be viewed only by their creators. Later on the author can modify viewing restrictions and add grant viewing permissions to some other users or user groups, e.g. to collaborate on a quiz or have it reviewed by someone else.

Don't remove izi - LMS for Confluence user from quiz page permissions. This is the app user that is needed for quizzes to work.

Below is a sample administration page of a launched quiz:

Create questions

Each question is created as a separate Confluence page. Questions are created one at a time.

To create a new question:

  1. On a quiz page, click the Create question button.

  2. Type a question, select question type, add answer options and select the correct answer. 

    If randomize answers option is unchecked, answers will be shown in the order they were created. If it is checked, answers will be displayed in a random order. 

    Need to add an image, video or format your text in a question or answer options? Learn how

  3. Click Create.

The questions included in a quiz are displayed in the Questions tab. 

You can also configure randomize answers setting in the 'Questions' section. If the button Randomize answers is unchecked, it is gray, and answers of a question will be placed in the order they were created. If the button Randomize answers is checked, it becomes green, and answers will be shown in a random order. 

Configure quiz settings

To configure settings of a quiz, click and edit the needed fields in the Settings tab. Learn more about quiz settings

Enroll to quiz Confluence users or Confluence user groups

Besides enrolling to a quiz, you can let participants self-enroll to quizzes.

Use Confluence user names or user groups when you need to enroll Confluence users
To enroll a Confluence user or a Confluence user group to a quiz, you need to:

  • Click the Enroll Participants button.

  • Type in the field a user name or a Confluence user group.

  • Click the Enroll button. 

All Confluence users you enrolled will get a link to a quiz via email. Each quiz link is unique, different people get different links. 
In the Quiz report, these participants will be displayed by their Confluence public names.

Enroll to quiz external users (users without Confluence accounts)

In a situation when you need to send a quiz to an external user (for example, for a product training of your customers), use the Enroll external participants feature. It will let you enroll external users using their email addresses

To enroll an external user, you need to:

  • Click the arrow near the Enroll participants button. 

  • Click Enroll external participants.
  • Type in the field an email of a user who doesn't have a Confluence account.

  • Click the Enroll button.

All external participants you enrolled will get a link to a quiz via email. Each quiz link is unique, different people get different links. 
In the reporting, these participants will be displayed by their emails. What will happen if I enroll Confluence users as external users? 

Enrollment Recommendations:

  1. Avoid enrolling Confluence users by email. They will be enrolled as external users and won't see a quiz you enrolled them to in Learning.

  2. You cannot enroll the same participant twice. However, you can delete a participant in the Report tab and enroll that person one more time.

  3. If you want to let anonymous participants take a quiz, you need to enable anonymous access to your Confluence site.

Take a quiz as a participant

To try a quiz as a participant, you need to enroll yourself using Enroll participants button – the same way you enroll participants.

View quiz results


Participants can see their results after taking a quiz in a browser tab and on the My quizzes dashboard (Completed) on the Learning portal.

Results are also displayed when you follow a quiz link after completing the quiz.

Quiz administrators 

All people who received a quiz link are listed in the Results tab on a quiz administration page. When someone starts a quiz, the status changes to Started and then to Completed when a quiz is done with Passed or Failed result, score and time spent.