You have two enrollment options:

Enroll users or groups

To enroll participants to a course, click the Enroll participants button on a course administration page.

In the Enroll Participants dialogue:

  • Type names of users or user groups you want to enroll to a course. Alternatively, enter email addresses. They can be email addresses of people who do not have an account in your Confluence instance. This means you can enroll anyone.
  • When all set, click the Enroll button.

Participants will get an email with a link to the course. Confluence users will also receive a workbox notification. Each course link is unique, different people get different links. 

You cannot enroll the same participant twice. However, you can delete a participant in Results tab and enroll that person one more time.

For email notification with course links to work, you need to configure your Confluence Server for Outgoing Mail to email links.

If you want to let anonymous participants take a quiz, you need to enable anonymous access to your Confluence site. Learn more