You can create plain text questions in the Create question dialogue window (see Intro to Quiz Management).

If you need to create a question with an image, video, formatted text, presentation or other assets, you can switch to Confluence editor to do that.

Creating a new question

  1. Navigate to a quiz administration page and click the Create question button.
  2. There, click the Save and continue in the editor link in the bottom left corner. You can click it right away and create a new question from scratch in the editor. Or you can first type plain text question and answer options in the Create question dialog and then switch to the editor to edit your question by adding media, formatting text, etc.

  3. You will see a new page opened in Confluence editor and populated based on the Question template.


    • Page title is the question text.

    • On the top of the page above a set of macros you can see a hint prompting you to add question description. Description can be some text, image, video or anything else that you would like to include in the question. It is optional. If you leave it blank, this section will not be displayed in the question.

  4. Type options of answers to a question inside Question Answer Option macros. 

  5. By default, the first option is correct. You can either always enter the correct answer in the first macro or set which answer is correct by editing the Question Answers macro and selecting the correct answer in the preview area.

    If the Randomize answer options checkbox is marked, answer options are randomized in a question when taking a quiz. If cleared, answer options are displayed in the original order.

    By default there are 5 Question Answer Option macros. If you have less answer options, you do not have to delete the blank macros, as they will not be displayed in your question. If you need more than 5 answer options, add additional Question Answer Option macros inside the Question Answers macro.

    Your question can be:

    • Single choice

    • Multiple choice

    • Free text

    Single choice is the default question type. To change question type, select another option in the Question Answers macro settings.

  6. You can also add the custom feedback that will be shown after a participant submits an answer. To do that, enter the feedback text in the Question Answer Feedback macros below the Question Answers macro.
  7. When your question is done, Save the page. You will see your question the way it will be displayed to the participants of your quiz. The only difference is that the correct answers are marked on the question page, while they will obviously not be marked in a quiz.

Modifying existing questions

You can always add an image, video or format text of the question that were originally created as plain text with no media.

To do that, navigate to the Confluence page with a corresponding plain text question, open it in the editor, make needed changes and save it.

Please be aware that if you shared a quiz and after that edited its question(s), receivers of a quiz link that will be taking a quiz after the changes were made to question(s), will see questions in their new version.