izi - LMS for Confluence allows you to create quizzes, assessments and tests in Confluence and enroll anyone by email. You can use quizzes to:

  • Assess knowledge, competences and skills of your job applicants and new hires
  • Create tests for employee training, compliance, certification
  • Build tests on your products for customers and partners

Read our article about assessing the knowledge of employees and job candidates with quizzes.

Create a new quiz

  1. Click Create in Confluence header and select the Quiz blueprint.
  2. Type Quiz name

  3. Click Create. You’ll see an empty quiz page. The next step is to create questions or add existing questions from other quizzes.

    Quiz and question pages are created with viewing restrictions. By default, they can be viewed only by their creators. Later on the author can modify viewing restrictions and add grant viewing permissions to some other users or user groups, e.g. to collaborate on a quiz or have it reviewed by someone else.

Below is a sample administration page of a launched quiz:

Create questions

Each question is created as a separate Confluence page. Questions are created one at a time.

To create a new question:

  1. On the quiz page, click the Create question button.

  2. Type a question, select question type, add answer options and select the correct answer. 

    You can also add Question Body if a question exceeds 255 characters or you want to add formatted text, an image, a video. 

    Another option to add an image, video or format your text in a question, answer options or feedback is to click Continue in the editor on the left bottom of the dialog. Learn more

    It is possible to add custom feedback. It will be shown after a participant submits an answer. To do that, fill in Feedback if answered correctly and Feedback if answered wrong fields. 

  3. Click Create. If you would like to create several questions in a row, mark the Create another checkbox.

The questions included in a quiz are displayed in the Quiz Questions section on the quiz administration page.

You can also create questions via the Create menu.

Configure quiz settings

To configure settings of a quiz, click and edit the needed fields in the Quiz Settings section on the quiz administration page. Learn more about quiz settings

Enroll participants

To enroll participants to a quiz, click the Enroll participants button on the quiz page.

In the pop-up dialogue:

  • Type names of users or user groups you want to enroll to your quiz. Alternatively, enter email addresses. They can be email addresses of people who do not have an account in your Confluence instance. This means you can enroll anyone.

  • Change quiz settings, if needed (changes you make will apply only to the current sharing session and will not be saved in quiz settings).
  • When all set, click the Enroll button.

Participants will get an email with a link to the quiz. Confluence users will also receive a workbox notification. Each quiz link is unique, different people get different links. 

You cannot enroll the same participant twice. When you try to enroll those who are already enrolled, you are prompted to add attempts instead.

For email notification with quiz links to work, you need to configure your Confluence Server for Outgoing Mail to email links.

If you want to let anonymous participants take a quiz, you need to enable anonymous access to your Confluence site. Learn more

Besides enrolling to a quiz, you can let participants self-enroll to quizzes.

Take a quiz as participant

Click Take as participant to experience a quiz as a participant.

View quiz results


Participants can see their results after taking a quiz in a browser tab. Results are also displayed when you follow a quiz link after completing the quiz. Confluence users can view the results of quizzes they took in a user profile.

A quiz administrator can also set up a page with results of all participants and share it with them to let everyone see each other's results.

Quiz administrators 

All people who received a quiz link are listed in Quiz Results on a quiz administration page. When someone starts a quiz, the status changes to Started and then to Completed when a quiz is done with Passed or Failed result, score and time spent. 

A quiz administrator can: