Sometimes you need to update a quiz – add or delete some questions from it.

Add questions

To create a new question in a quiz, navigate to that quiz administration page and create a new question by clicking Create question button (see Getting Started). Once a new question is created it will be automatically added to the current quiz.

To add existing questions to a quiz, refer to reuse questions.

Remove questions

On quiz administration page

To remove a question from the quiz, you can either delete the page with that question or, if you would like to remove the question from a quiz, but keep it in Question Bank (so that it remained available for other quizzes), you should go to the quiz administration page and click Remove in 'Quiz Questions' section.

To remove questions from a quiz in bulk, select them and click Remove.

In Question Bank

You can also remove a question from a quiz in Question Bank:

  1. Find the needed question in Question Bank
  2. Remove a quiz in the column Quiz