How the App Works

The Customer Case for Jira Cloud app quickly and easily transforms your Jira project into a full-fledged customer feedback and helpdesk platform for aggregating customers' ideas and managing incoming issue reports.

How to Start with the App

  1. Install the Marketplace  app by clicking the Try it Free button.
  2. After a successful installation, you'll see the additional Customer Case section in the Jira administration and the Forums tab in the Jira menu when unfolding the Apps item.
  3. The next step is to understand what kind of forum meets your use case: a feedback forumhelpdesk, or private forum. If you're hesitating about a better approach for your case, please contact our Product Manager, or book a call for advice.
  4. You can set up a mailbox for your forum to communicate with customers via email.
  5. Agent's guide helps you understand what capabilities are available for your client-facing teammates and where they find information about customers.
  6. Portal user guide provides information on how portal visitors see and work with a portal.
  7. Check out the Jira automation tips for faster feedback loops with customers.

To get an idea of how your portal may look, you can take a look at the feedback forum of the Customer Case app that our team uses ourselves. We're constantly developing our solution based on your feedback. Please share it with us on the forum.


You can find a detailed comparison of Jira Service Management and Customer Case app here.

  • One app - two platforms (ideation portal and helpdesk)
  • No need to create separate Jira accounts for each forum visitor → no admin extra work
  • No need to pay for employees who work with Jira on the portal side → cost cutting for Jira licenses
  • The ability to create a forum from any Jira project type
  • The ability to create different types of forums:
    • public forum
    • private forum with access restrictions
    • helpdesk forum
  • Seamless integration wih Jira

Good journey with the app!