Customer Case allows you to subscribe to email notifications for a specific idea if you start watching it. You become a watcher of your own ideas automatically.

Email notifications are sent for the following events:

  • idea status changed
  • a new comment posted

Notifications about the progress on tickets and new comments are sent automatically.

These are the Jira notifications that inform you when an issue has been created. –°heck your Projects settings to make sure that Jira notifications are turned on when an issue is created. Also, define roles that receive notifications when the Issue Created action occurs. To do that:

  1. Go to the Projects tab on the Jira menu bar
  2. Select the relevant project
  3. Go to the Project settings
  4. Find the Notifications tab
  5. –°heck the event Issue Created and groups that receive notifications when this action happens in the Notifications column

To reduce the number of emails coming from Jira and Customer Case at the same time, you can turn off automatic notifications when an issue was commented for some groups.

  1. Go to Actions on the Jira notifications screen
  2. Press Edit notification

  3. Find Jira Commented event
  4. Define the groups that you want to enable notifications when Jira Commented event occurs in the Notifications column

Issue Commented event also addresses comments made on the Jira Comments tab. Thus, when you delete a specific group from receiving notifications about this event, it won't be able to get notifications about internal Jira comments as well.

To disable notifications for a status change you need to find a Generic event on the list of events and delete it for the specified groups.