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Before you start

  1. Before you can use the Jira Issues macro, your Confluence and Jira application must be connected via Application Links . People viewing the page will see the publicly accessible issues from the Jira site. If your Jira site has restricted viewing (that is, people need permission to view issues) then they will need to authenticate before seeing the restricted issues.
  2. The Table Filter, Charts & Spreadsheets app processes the issues displayed on a page. If you want to filter, aggregate and visualize all the issues, you need to set the maximal number of issues to display in the Jira Issues macro settings.
  3. In all the use cases below, we use JQL: 'project = name' and apply filtration with the Table Filter macro. You can filter issues using JQL.
  4. When you work with date values and worklogs you need to be sure that the date format and worklog settings are correct.

Use Cases