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                                                           The Source Table:

                                                The Result:

Macro combination:

  1. Insert the Jira Issues macro.
  2. Wrap the Jira Issues macro in the Table Filter macro.
  3. Wrap the Table Filter macro in the Table Transformer macro.  (info)
  4. Add a table containing project milestones.  (info)
  5. Wrap the Table Transformer macro and the table containing milestones in the  Chart from Table  macro.

Macro configuration:

Table Filter:
Filter ColumnIssue typeSprint
Filter TypeVisualDropdown
Filter ValuesNew feature, ImprovementECS Sprint 2, ECS Sprint 3, ECS Sprint 4

Table Transformer:
Use the following SQL query:

CASE WHEN 'Status' = "Done" 
THEN "100%" 
WHEN 'Status' = "To Do" 
THEN "0%" 
ELSE (100 - ('Remaining Estimate' / 'Time Spent' * 100) + "%") 
END AS 'Completion Ratio'
Chart from Table:
Labels ColumnSprint, Key, Milestone
Values ColumnCreated, Due, Completion ratio, Date