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New in this release:

Added a new macro - Table from CSV.

The macro allows you to output a table from CSV or TSV data source. 

Version 5.3 also includes the following improvements:

  • Improved performance of the exporting feature.
  • Improved performance of the Table Filter and Table Transformer macro combination.
  • Improved displaying of a chart legend when building a chart based on the Pivot Table macro.
  • Added SQL function FORMATNUMBER to the Table Transformer macro.

Fixed in this release:

  • Resolved the issue with not showing sparkline charts in the Table Transformer macro.
  • Resolved the issue with showing an outdated SQL query after switching presets in the Table Transformer macro.
  • Resolved the issue with preserving the data formatting from the source table in the Table Transformer macro. 
  • Resolved the issue with the incorrect table layout after splitting merged cells.
  • Resolved the issue with displaying a legend at the bottom of a chart.
  • Resolved the issue with displaying Literal value delimiters in the Pivot Table macro.
  • Resolved the issue with displaying legend values in the reverse order in the Stacked Bar chart.

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