Course administrators can add their courses to the Learning portal (a global catalog) in a Confluence header for participants to self-enroll to courses

Use Cases

  • Share optional courses for participants to choose those of interest.
  • Use as an alternative to the traditional enrollment. It's convenient when you have too many people who need to take a course and you want to avoid manually entering all their emails or user names (if they are not arranged in Confluence groups).
  • Show courses in Learning based on a job role or team of a person (using the Specific groups option).
  • Hide internal courses from external users who access your Confluence anonymously (using the Only logged in users option).

Add a course to Learning

  1. While on a course administration page, go to Settings > Self-enrollment.
  2. Select one of the options in Show in Learning to, which controls who can see this course in Learning and self-enroll to it: 

    OptionWho can see this course in Learning and self-enroll to it
    No one (default) No one 
    Anyone Anyone who has access to Confluence
    Only logged in users Only participants who have an account in Confluence and are logged in
    Specific groupsOnly participants who are logged into Confluence and belong to Confluence groups you specify (other Confluence users will not see it)

    If anonymous users have access to your Confluence and you want them to see this course in Learning and self-enroll to it, choose Anyone.

    Only courses with modules are shown in Learning. Empty courses are not displayed on the Learning page even if it is supposed to be shown these based on the Show in Learning to setting.

  3. The current course will now be available for self-enrollment in Learning based on your visibility choice.
  4. If you added your course to a category, Show in Learning to will also control the visibility of this course in the corresponding category in Learning.