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                                                           The Source Table:

                                                The Result:

Macro combination:

  1. Insert the Jira Issues macro.
  2. Add a table containing additional information for merging.  (info)
  3. Wrap the Table Filter macro and the table containing additional information in the Table Transformer macro.
  4. Wrap the Table Transformer macro in the Table Filter macro.
  5. Wrap the Table Transformer macro in the Pivot Table macro.
  6. Wrap the Pivot Table macro in the Chart from Table  macro.

Macro configuration:

Table Filter:
Filter ColumnStatusSprint
Filter TypeDropdownDropdown
Filter ValuesDoneReversed filter: '-empty-'

Table Transformer:
Select the default Lookup tables preset and a column for matching the records.  (info)

Pivot Table:
Row LabelsSprint
Column LabelsTeam
Calculated ColumnStory points
Operation TypeSum
Chart from Table:
Labels ColumnSprint
Values ColumnSum of story points Team 1, Sum of story points Team 2, Sum of story points Team 3