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Management of attachments in Atlassian JIRA can be a rather frustrating and boring task. All the time you need to locate the appropriate file on the list with others. This can become a rather time-consuming task if the issue includes ten or more attachments.

Smart Attachments provides you with the following benefits:

  • Instantly locate the necessary file in the attachment category.

  • Quickly move files between categories via drag-n-drop.

  • Upload files to categories in any section and on any form of JIRA.

  • Track the full history of updates and changes in your documents.

  • Collaborate on documents with your team through comment threads.

  • Easily complete routine operations on batches of attachments.

  • Share attachments with colleagues and business partners by email.

  • Automate execution of operations on attachments during issue transitions.

  • Validate availability of specific attachments before updating a status of your issues.

  • Find issues with the required attachments and documents in JIRA.

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