This page provides you with the information about public releases of Customer Case. Here you can find out what new features were added and what bugs were fixed.

Customer Case 05/27/2022

Improved spam protection for forums with mailboxes.

Customer Case 04/18/2022

Fixed the issue with the creating ideas and support requests on a forum

Customer Case - 2/14/2022

Fixed the issue with redirecting to the request on a portal with Jira authentication

Customer Case - 4/27/2019

Added support for GDPR-compliant API

Customer Case - 5/4/2019

Added support for new Atlassian profile visibility control settings

Customer Case - 2/27/2019

Added support for the embeddable feedback widget

Customer Case - 12/19/2018

Embedding of images and files into emails and option to become assignee

Customer Case - 11/23/2018

Added an option to apply a JQL query for showing requests on forums

Customer Case - 8/16/2018

Support for required custom fields and automatic issue re-opening

Customer Case - 6/6/2018

Updated the Forums icon shown on the sidebar and minor improvements

Customer Case - 2/22/2018

Search for requests by their keys or by author email

Customer Case - 2/16/2018

Automatic inserting of signatures into replies

Customer Case - 2/13/2018

Submission of comments by pressing Ctrl + Enter

Customer Case - 2/1/2018

Management of participants in Customer Case

Customer Case - 1/22/2018

Resolved the issue with authentication in Customer Case with Jira account

Customer Case - 1/18/2018

Updated the order of showing the latest replies at the top of the thread

Customer Case - 1/17/2018

Added the request essential information into the header of Customer Case

Customer Case - 1/11/2018

Change of request statuses in Customer Case and insertion of images from the clipboard

Customer Case - 11/20/2017

New filtration capabilities for requests on Customer Portal

Customer Case - 10/5/2017

Issue with attachments being inaccessible to support request participants

Customer Case - 9/7/2017

Support for JIRA attachments size limits and updated text editor

Customer Case - 8/4/2017

Filtration of requests with no category

Customer Case - 6/7/2017

Editor improvements and bug fixes

Customer Case - 5/9/2017

Added usage of a company logo from JIRA Cloud for branding the customer portal

Customer Case - 4/12/2017

Added the confirmation when leaving pages for submitting/commenting on requests

Customer Case - 2/24/2017

UX and UI improvements in Customer Case

Customer Case - 2/23/2017

Added the Forums section into JIRA menu

Customer Case - 2/16/2017

Updated the access verification mechanism on private forums with restrictions

Customer Case - 1/4/2017

Added a capability to add participants to requests

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Customer Case 11/18/2022

UX and UI improvements 

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