This update requires manual approval by Jira administrators in UPM.

This app version introduces two new scopes 'ACT_AS_USER' and 'ADMIN', as follows:

  • Customer Case will use the ACT_AS_USER scope for tracking issue transitions of particular Jira agents instead of showing impersonal transitions performed by the app.
  • Customer Case will use the ADMIN scope for getting the list of users within Jira user groups for sending notifications.

New in this release

The new version of add-on includes the following features:

  • Added support for the ACT_AS_USER scope. This will be used for tracking individual activities of support agents in Customer Case and their indication in the issue history in Jira. The app will be able to track request transitions performed by specific users instead of using the impersonal app approach when all request changes are performed on the behalf of the app user.
  • Added support for the ADMIN scope. This will be used for getting the list of users within the specific user groups for sending notifications about request creation and updates.
  • Submission of comments by pressing the hotkey 'Ctrl + Enter'.
  • Improved navigation among create request page elements by pressing the Tab button.