Welcome to Table Filter and Charts for Confluence!

The app offers a bundle of macros for managing Confluence tables, building charts, repurposing existing data of any format, and using excel-like spreadsheets. 

How to insert and remove the macros

Add and delete Table Filter and Charts' macros in your Confluence instance.

How to use Table Filter macro

Table filtration, setting table viewing options, such as sorting and freezing, and simple calculations in tables.

How to use Table Spreadsheet macro

Excel-like spreadsheets with pre-defined formulas and diverse customization options. Available for editing in page view and edit modes.

How to use Table Spreadsheet Include

Excerpts of cell ranges from Table Spreadsheet.

How to use Chart from Table macro

Build dynamic charts and graphs from your Confluence tables, such as Gantt, Pie, Column charts and many more.

How to use Pivot Table macro

Group your data against chosen parameters and perform simple calculations.

How to use Table Excerpt and Table Excerpt Include macros

Reuse your tables in different places of your Confluence instance and build reports.

How to use Table Transformer macro

Merge two or more tables. Customize the look of the table and perform complex calculations using SQL queries.

How to use Table from CSV macro

Reuse existing tables from CSV files or Google Sheets.

How to use Table from JSON macro

Reuse existing tables from JSON files.

How to combine the macros

Learn how to add and delete Table Filter and Charts' macros to your Confluence pages.

Use cases

Discover use cases with the combination of macros from Table Filter and Charts.

How to work with Built-in and Third-Party Macros

Combine Table Filter and Charts' macros with native Confluence and thirt-party tools.

How to export macros and results

Export the achieved results for further sharing outside Confluence.

Configuring parameters of Table Filter and Charts

Find out how to configure Inline macro insertion, the Allowed URL list and event analytics.

How to set the date format and worklog settings

Explore the date format and worklog settings supported by the app.

Migration Details

Learn more on Server/Data Center ⇄ Cloud migration.


Answers to popular questions on the app's usage and security.

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