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This feature is available starting from Handy Macros 1.8.0.

About the feature

Handy Headings allows you to quickly copy absolute link to the any page heading into your clipboard. This is an augmentation for Confluence (you don't need to add any macros to use it).

  1. Hover over the heading.
  2. Click the Handy Heading icon.
  3. That's all! Paste your link where you need using Ctrl+V.

Disabling the Handy Heading for the user

You can disable the Handy Header feature if you do not need it:

  1. Navigate to User Profile > Settings > Handy Macros Settings > Handy Tools Settings.
  2. Clear the Enable Handy Heading box.

The macro can be enabled or disabled on the instance level in the Confluence Administrator console.

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