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Getting started with the Handy Status macro

The macro allows you to add statuses that you can change on the fly in the page view mode by choosing from the predefined list.

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Three easy steps to get started with Handy Status

Step 1. Add and configure as many status sets as you need

You can find multiple predefined status sets to start using the app immediately.

To add your own status set:

  1. Go to the Apps > Statuses section on the top (or side) main menu bar.
  2. Click Add status set.
  3. Set the status set name and click .
  4. Add statuses to the set, define status names, background and text colors.

To delete unnecessary statuses or status sets:

  1. Click Delete to delete a status.
  2. Select  and click Delete to delete a status set.

Before deleting ststuses or sets please make sure they are not used on Confluence pages because this will make these statuses or sets shown as read-only.

Step 2. Insert the Handy Status macro on a page, select a set and status

  1. Insert the Handy Status macro on a page by typing /handy status or with the help of the Insert menu .
  2. Select a set and a status.
  3. Insert the macro and update or publish the page.

Step 3. Change the status in the page view mode

  1. Click the status.
  2. Select a new status.